How rabbitwinks will be created

Rabbitwinks will be created interactively. We will be posting drafts of the storyline here as well as prototype animations and original graphic elements. In addition to the story, we will discuss the characters, scenes and so forth. Also, we will be on the lookout for voice actors/actresses to use. In particular, the voice of the White Rabbit will need to be chosen. We will be looking for a ‘name’ voice artist. Suggestions welcome at any time.

Users of this site will be able to comment and make suggestions. Anyone who’s suggestion is accepted will get an acknowledgement in the actual products. If you get really involved, you might even get a writing or illustration or animation credit, who knows? You could get a voice part. We’ll find out as we go.  All suggestions that are accepted will be copyright  Walrus & Carpenter Productions LLC, so don’t contribute unless you agree to that.

copyright © 2014 Walrus & Carpenter Productions LLC


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